Maj-Britt is preparing her role as the Priest Lotte in DR's new serie 'Herrens Veje'

As actress Maj-Britt most recent starred in Oscar winning director and writer Anders Thomas Jensen's coming film Men and Hens. The film will open in February 2015




The priest Lotte in Herren Veje. DR. Television


Psykiatrist in 'Men and Hens'. By Anders Thomas Jensen. Film


Mother in 'Spies og Glistrup' by Christoffer Boe. Film

Anna V B Hopmeier in "Win-Win. We love Money!" at Pumpehuset. Copenhagen. Theatre

Actress in "Habe kein Angst" at Edison Theatre. Director Volker Schmidt. Produced by eClectic theatre.http://www.eklektisk.dk/

Leadpart as Ida in " A child is born..." at Grønnegade Theatre. Director Troels Chr. Jakobsen

The part as Anna V Bruun Hopmeier in "Win-Win. We love Work!". Copenhagen by Theatre 770 Celsius.


Actress in THE DREAMERS. World opening at Kronborg by director Lars Roman Engell

Actress in the film THE BRIDGE

Mentor for Vibeke Hastrup & Jesper Lohmann

Producer and actress in the  int. prod. of RED DRESS. Director. Sophie Haviland, Australia. NyAveny, Kbh. Watch trailer

Producer and Actress in Made in India by GLOBAL STORIES. Director. Ditte Maria Bjerg. Preliminary work will be shown in Frankfurt, Oct. 2010. For info go press here


Actress in the La Marea, Director Mariano Pensottis The Metropolis Festival., Cph, DK

Actress in Extasy by Kassandra Produktion. Director. Annika B. Lewis, Århus, DK

Reading of Carl & Anne Marie Carl Nielsen’s letters, The Black Diamant, Cph, DK



The part as the Prostitute Jess and the Death in  "The Map Makers Sorrow" by Chris Lee. Director. Adam Barnard, London. Teater, Cph.DK.

Reading of Michael Strunge’s Poems, The Black Diamant, Cph.DK.

Actress in happening at the Center for Human Rights, Cph, DK



The parts as Jane and Sarah in "Speaking in Tongues" by Andrew Bovell. Director Daniel Safer New York. www.Witnessrelocation.org.

The lead as Anne in Tape by Stephen Belber. Director.: Kamilla Bach Mortensen.

The lead as Florence in “Winter under the Table” by Roland Topor. Director, Volker Schmidt, Vienna



Reading of new Danish Writers, P@RTS, director Emmet Feigenberg, Cph.

The Lead as Lina in  "Three Days of Rain" by Richard Greenberg, with Peter Gantzler and  Morten Kirkskov. Director Robert Castle, New York.



The female lead in Dream of Fall by Jon Fosse, Director Moqi Trolin. www.jungehunde.dk.

The part as Minna in "Rebirth of a Dying", Comedievognen, Cph, DK.

The part as the crime investigatior, La Cour in "The Child in the Box". Director Malte Claudio Lind, Kalejdoskop, Cph.



Reading by A la recherché du temps perdue by Marcel Proust, together with Susanne Brøgger, Rungstedlund, DK.

The Lead as the politician, Lucie Grey in Insomnia, Junge Hunde, Kanonhallen, Cph.

The Part as Frau Müller in The Garbage, The City, the Death, by Fassbinder.

Anna in "Mothers Day" a film by May N'Touky.

Nurse in "Brothers" by Susanne Bier.

Lawyer in the film "Who won today".



The female lead as Laura in "The Father" by Strindberg at the Etcetera Theatre, London.

German Commercial, director Michael Bindlechner, "Frames", Vienna, Austria.

Subordinate part in the short movie "Memorial Day" by Frederikke Aspock, N.Y, US.

Scenework as Blanche in "Streetcar named Desire" Tennesse Williams, Ellida, in "The Lady from the Sea", Henrik Ibsen. Mrs Robinson in "The Graduate", Annie in "Closer" Patrick Marber at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, New York, US.




Madam X in "The Stronger" by August Strindberg produced by Eclectic Theatre and Production in Copenhagen.

Part in "The Busstop" by Harold Pinter at the Day of Poetry in Copenhagen.



Subordinate part in a production about Asta Nielsen for the Danish Radio & Broadcast.

Leading part in the shortfilm "Dancing Copenhagen at Dawn, DK.



Lead in the shortfilm "On the road",Copenhagen, DK.

Dancer in Egelykke - a play about Grundtvig - on the Royal Theatre, Copenhagen, DK.

Actor in Eclectic Productions "The Man with the Flower in his Mouth" Adaptation of a play by Pirandello, set in the Royal Garden, Copenhagen, DK.

Actor in the play "Open House" by Eclectic Productions 




Work shop with Thomas Ostermeier at the National Danish Theatre School, Cph.

Film work shop with Lene Beyer at the National Danish Theatre School.Cph.

Voice work shop with Ulrik Barfoed at the National Danish Theatre School, Cph.



Shakespeare work shop with Nadine George, London, England.

Voice work shop at the  Roy Hart  Center, Malaraque, France.

Method work shop with Debra Wiley at the National Theatre School, Cph.



Method work shop med Debra Wiley in Cph.

Work shop with Richard Foreman, N.Y. US.

View point training at the State Theatre School, Cph.



View point workshop at SITI Company with Anne Bogart, N.Y. US.

Method acting work shop with Method ekspert Debra Wiley from Juilliard, N.Y.US

Acting for camera with DSF in Ebletoft, DK



Organizer of-and participant in method work shops with director, actor and teacher Robert Castle from IT-N.Y. in Berlin, Paris, New York and Cph.




Voice training with Lene Kleinschmidt at the National Theatre School.

Method work shop with Robert Castle from New York

Chekhov workshop Lene Kobbernagel, Cph.

Continous years of classical ballet training



Professional acting training at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute I New York

Merce Cunningham training at the Merce Cunningham Center, New York



Intensive course in Stanislawski's system and Meyerhold biomechanics at the Skt. Petersburg Arts Academy.

Master in communication and theatre from the University of Copenhagen.



Dancetraining at the Merce Cunnigham Studio i N.Y. Training in the Meisner technique at The Esper Studio in New York.



Actor from the New Drama School of Copenhagen



Bachelor in theatre science and communication from the University in Roskilde and the University of Copenhagen



Theatre -dance student at Slippery Rock University, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.



Music-and language student from Taastrup Gymnasium 




Chairman for Legatudvalget for Scenekunst in the Artcouncil.


Executive Producer at TEATERØEN. http://www.teateroen.dk


Producer of Masterclasses with Willem Dafoe and Richard Foreman for the National Danish Theatre School’s Post Graduate Program, Copenhagen.

Producer for Ditte Maria Bjerg and her theatre Global Stories.www.dittebjerg.dk

Fundraiser and consultant for the development for the Museum of Light in Hornbæk.www.UIWE.dk

One of the Art Council's ten Mentors for artist's and production.

Freelanceproducer for theatre FanTast, Core Act, Peter Pilegaard.

Freelance for The Post Graduate Program. Research trips; Graz, Edinburg, Antwerpen, New York and Damaskus.

Coordinator of seminar x-change in a Glocal World at Camp X. Performances by; Plan B, showcase BeatLeMot and Gob Sqaud. Invited speakers; Erwin Jans, Toneelhuis, Antwerpen, Matthias Liljenthal, HAU, Berlin, Amelie Deuflhard, Kampnagel, Hamburg.

Coordinator of Creating Conditions. Seminar about about theatre production initiated by US.dk. Invited guest;, Lisa Lucassen, She She Pop, Niels Ewerbeck - Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Zurich, Olivia Khalil, BRUT, Vienna, Helen Medland - The Basement, England.

Member of DSF – work shop comitee



Dramaturge at the Entrée Stage, Århus.

Producer of eclectic theatre productions

Member of Creative Forum, working for better conditions for artists in Cph. Under the mayor of Copenhagen.

Boardmember of Independent StageArtist – US.dk



Producer of all eclectic theatre productions

Organizer of Method work shops in Cph



Producer of eclectic theatre productions.

Organizer of Method work shops in Cph with method Debra Wiley and Michael Morriano, Cph



Producer of eclectic theatre productions

Organizer of Method work shops with method expert Robert Castle in Cph, Berlin and Paris



Producer of eclectic theatre productions

Organizer of Method work shops in Cph. with method expert Robert Castle




Assisting director at the Danish Theatre

Master in Theatre Science University of Copenhagen

Teacher at the Piccolo Stage, Cph.



Assisting director at The Danish Theatre's production of Dario Fo, DK.

Assisting director at the theatre production of "The Celebration" by Thomas Vinterberg at the Royal Theatre of Copenhagen, DK.



Teacher in theatre at Aurehøj Gymnasium, DK.

Choreographer of fashionshow for Danish designer, Rigetta Klint, DK.

Critic for the monthly magazine 'Day and Night'.

Critic for the weekly magazine 'Folkeskolen'.

Assistent for the director Lars Knutzon, DK.

Assistent for the actor and director Jens Albinus, DK.

Assistent for Peter Brook actress and director, - Anne Lise Gabold



Dramaturgicaladvicer for Taastrup Theatre.

Assistent for the swedish director Linus Tunström, on the opera Gilles Requeim.

Assistent for the director Lars Knutzon .



Coordinator for a Scandinavian theaterproject with Doc. Bent Holm

Coordinator for the Commedia dell'arte festival in Copenhagen. - Responsable for all the arrangements in TIVOLI, where Dario Fo was among the performers